Posted by: adrianbalan | November 16, 2010

World Trade Center Mosque ?

I read a few days ago about some old news … a mosque at the World Trade Center. I looked into the subject on internet, and I found a lot of angry voices against the mosque, including some politicians(Sarah Pallin,Jeff Greene …). Upon closer look I saw that it was not even at ground zero, but some 600ft away.

In my humble opinion, just build there not only a mosque, but one for each major religion.
So build a church for Christians, a mosque for Muslims, a temple for the Hindu ,a monastery for Buddhists , a temple for the Chinese traditional religion, a synagogue for the Jewish …
And put all these churches in a circle around a memorial museum.
Present in this museum what happened here and honor the dead.
And also put a section in the museum to show the crimes committed by the extremists in each religion during our history. Not to condemn, but to remember the people the mistakes made. People of all origins and religions can come here to pray and also learn about the mistakes made in their religions.
Explain people that religion should make people better , promote understanding and peace.
Explain people that when extremists use religion to promote hate, intolerance and war they should wake up and reject these ideas.

Make from this place of painful memories a place where people from all countries and all beliefs can meet and embrace each-other.
Make this a place of peace !


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