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Worldwide car sales by Manufacturer 2009

Today I was looking at the news about the automotive industry, and I thought to take a look at the global sales by manufacturer in the world in 2009 .

To my surprise, you can’t find this data anywhere on the internet, except in some very expensive market studies.

So I decided to compile these data, from various sources on the internet(usually the companies sites coroborated with the news).

Here you got some partial results. Keep in mind that these are Sales data (not production).

Global car sales 2009

Worldwide car sales 2009

This list in not complete, but maybe I will take the time to do a search dor the others manufacturers.  Your input is welcomed.

I took the liberty to include in this incomplete chart Dacia, a small manufacturer from Romania 🙂  (As this manufacturer is included in Renault, his results are counted also in Renault data).

What we can see is that the car industry has taken a nosedive in US (altough December data indicate some fast recovery). GM is in preety big trouble , losing 2 places in 2 consecutive years. VW is going very well, helped by the strong grouth in Ghina and by the incentives offered by the  governments in EU countries.

For reference  I just added some production statistics for 2008  taken from (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers).

World ranking of manufacturers 2009

World ranking of manufacturers 2009

I would like also to reply to an article which says that China becomed the first market for autovehicles in 2009  with   13.6 million total vehicle sales(10.3million  cars),  against 10.4 million for US .

A lot of people forget the EU(Eropean Union) in their statistics (neither when counting the medals in the Olympics). As reported by the association of European automakers, in 2009 the  car sales in EU were 14.12 million. So, for the moment this is the biggest market.  Well, it might be very true that next year China will be the biggest market, as the governements in Europe think about cutting their incentives.

The top car manufacturing groups in Europe (EU plus EFTA) in 2009 according to the ACEA were:

Manufacturing Group No of Cars Sold in 2009 Market Share Change from 2008
VW 3,062,774 21.1 +0.7
PSA 1,865,263 12.9 -0.0
Ford 1,486,338 10.3 +2.0
Renault 1,335,766 9.2 +3.9
GM 1,284,283 8.9 -8.7
Fiat 1,254,829 8.7 +6.3
Toyota 730,831 5.0 -4.7
BMW 708,109 4.9 -13.6
Daimler 689,177 4.8 -13.0
Nissan 366,711 2.5 +9.0

Well, this is all for the moment. I wait for your input. Students feel free to use this summary, and if you use this data it might be nice to mention its origins.

Update. I found and update the results for Ford in 2009.



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  2. Great Post, Where did you get your data?

    • A part from the manufacturer web-sites. Where the data for the entire year was not available, I summed the data from jan to nov with data for december (usually found in articles in press).

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  4. You forgot one imp OEM Honda in the sales data of 2009.

  5. The complete statistics for 2009 for 50 brands can be downloaded as a pdf-file from the OICA-website. If you go there, then click production statistics you will see a page where in the middle of the right column you have a section “production”. It starts with a link to the pdf-file world vehicle production by manufacturer.

  6. This “Global Auto Report” contains International Car Sales Outlook beginning 1990 and the forecast for 2010.

  7. Is there any production statistics on two wheeler market……i am not able to find any data regarding the same on any site anywhere in the world………

  8. Great post – and esp useful as i am doing a dissatation on Ford Motor co. – i just wondered if you have global sales data for the years 2006 – 2008 ok so i am being optimistic here but i would be very grateful if you did.

    Many thanks


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