Posted by: adrianbalan | August 24, 2008

Corrected Overall Medal Standings – Overall World Standings

After seeing the oficial medal standings on the 2008 Olympic Games site , I was curious to see how the European Union stands out in the world of sports. So I summed the results for the countries in EU and I was very happy to see that EU comes in first place, by far.

Medal Standings Total
1 European Union EU 94 106 107 307
2 ChinaCHN 51 21 28 100
3 United StatesUSA 36 38 36 110
4 Russian Fed.RUS 23 21 28 72
5 Great BritainGBR 19 13 15 47

Also, looking at a comparaison of GDP around the world(CIA World Factbook), I see that EU is starting to be the super-power we tried to create. A super-power that act very slow(because of the time needed to get the consensus of their components governements), but when is acting, is almost sure to make the best decision(or the best compromise). Between so many il tempered super-powers( US, China, Russia) , the European Union is like a calm mediator.

GDP (purchasing power parity)
Date of Information
World $ 65,610,000,000,000 2007 est.
European Union $ 14,380,000,000,000 2007 est.
United States $ 13,840,000,000,000 2007 est.
China $ 6,991,000,000,000 2007 est.
Japan $ 4,290,000,000,000 2007 est.

I hope that this union of countries will become a strong source of stability and prosperity in this so agitated and troubled world.

Am I nationalist if I say that I’m proud to be a citizen of the European Union ?



  1. […] of people doesn’t consider the EU in their statistics (neither when counting the medals in the Olympics). As reported by the association of European automakers, in 2009 the  car sales in EU were 14.12 […]

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