Posted by: adrianbalan | March 29, 2007

Why do people write blogs ? – an open discution about the blog phenomenon

This is not exactly a blog , but is an open question which waits for your answers, your opinions and commentaries.

I give you some of the reasons I think we write blogs, and I wait for you to fill the list.

1. Blogging is popular . You have to admit, nowadays blogging is “en vogue”. But this raises another question : Why did the first bloggers started writing ? , and gives us the second reason

2. Some people might have interesting ideas, and they want us to know them.

3. Some do it for the comments to their articles. It’s a form of communication.

This is all I can ponder for the moment. What do you think are the true reasons behind the blog phenomena ?



  1. People write blogs to increase the rank on google for their pages. What?! … well, a friend said to me: “if you want to have your website on the first pages of a google search, find the first
    x more important Blogs, add pages to them and put the link there..”
    Anyway, I can think of some other reasons why people write blogs … but not strong enough to make me a blog owner … so, why do people write blogs?!

    • I feel sorry for people who have to resort to writing blogs.

      They must be very lonely.

      For the 1st time in my life I today (21/04/2011) started to read a blog and she started talking about her week- boring or what.

      Very very sad.

      Needless to say I won’t be reading any more, once is enough.

      • Well … somehow sad … but hey, facebook it’s was sad at the begining, it’s cool now 🙂

  2. I continue the list of motives with some more:

    3. Because for some writting is a form of relaxation; they need to write in order to put order in their thoughts; a blog can be something like a journal.

    4. Because a blog can be a marketing instrument, that helps you to promote yourself; if one wants to become known, he could try to make a consistent blog and promote it; in this way he may get to be known by others, he may get to be popular; for journalists, for example, this is vital.

  3. i think that every one in the world should have a jounal. Do you think that every one should write about there feels like i do i think that every one should do that.

  4. Iata o noua motivatie: banii.

    How a personal obsession can turn into a popular favorite and maybe even a full-time job.

  5. try also this if the first link doesn’t work:

  6. I have discovered a new interesting blogger: a lady that publishes poetries on blogs. She creates a blog for each of her poetry tomes. Some visitors even comment her poetries with other poetries…

    So blogs can also enhance arts. It’s amaizing…

  7. […] Blogs are a very popular Web 2.0 medium for many people. I was wondering why? Here is a link to a blog by Adrian Balan (written using WordPress by the way) who asks others to add their thoughts to “an open discution about the blog phenomenon.” So, WHY do people write blogs? […]

  8. Here is how people make money out of blogs:

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  10. I think there are many reason people write a blog. People crave the attention and do their best to have a higher it rate than other similar blogs.

  11. i think people write blog to put up there thoughts under one roof and where by other come n read n comment over there thinking

    bascially its blogging psychology of of human mind which turns into words

  12. One word. Lonliness.

    People are lonely. They don’t have people around to listen to them, so they end up arranging a conservation with wider audience.

    To me, blogging is phsycological phenomenon.

  13. This is funny because I just had a little row with my girlfriend about something I had written in my blog. She doesn’t understand why I feel the urge to blog, and I had a hard time trying to tell her.

    So, I agree with Diana and usman to some extent.

    In a nutshell, I think that many people keep diaries, or journals, to write thoughts down and reflect. Many, many people find that sharing thoughts helps to relieve them. Particularly with strangers. It’s like the cheapest form of therapy ever!

    Of course, there are other reasons as to why people blog, such as increasing their rank on Google, and the such, but of course, there are many types of blogs.

    But for me, a personal blog, is just a way to get things out, and if people choose to comment, then great. If not – it’s still out there.

    That’s my view anyway 🙂

  14. Lara, I like the way you described blogs : The cheapest form of therapy ever ! 🙂
    Probably, for 90% of the blogs out there this is the best description ! 🙂
    Do you have a blog ? Can you send me its adress ?

  15. Its cheaper than therapy.

    or at lest thats why i do.

  16. Actually, I would have to agree, that many people write blogs to cure lonliness and to attract an audience. Afterall. I’ve come across some pretty self indulgent blogs of stay-at-home-moms. Some of the items that they blog about are ridiculous. And, further I wonder why they think that most of the items that they write would be of much interest to others?

  17. Cure loneliness or admit to it? How many of us are readily prepared to admit, really, to being lonely? There is the huge factor of anoymity too. Do you remember being in junior high and high school…the late night talks that some how gave us permission to reveal things we would NEVER say during the day? Maybe it was the cloak of darkness or the truth serum of tiredness – whatever the case, I think that it’s the same concept behind blogging for some. I also think it’s the culture we’ve evolved into. It’s generally agreed upon that “money can’t buy happiness” and that “relationships are very important,” yet how much time and execution do we intentionally spend planning out our finances/income versus developing relationships? We don’t like to admit to being lonely – that might mean we need something outside of ourselves; plus we are naturally motivated by fear. This blogging business gives a very unique opportunity to be honest and naked yet with the definite security of not asking for acceptance. When could we ever before be so open and on display with a controlled risk?

  18. Some of the reasons have been mentioned. Lonelyness. Marketing. An attempt to transcend the own perceived meaninglessness – the overwhelming pointlessness in life. Unfortunately when millions are blogging one is just another anonymous part of a huge anonymous mass of faceless individuals with a few outstanding stars. Twitter is even worse than blogging. Often it seems to me that everyone is connected, which results in a witches brew of opinion and information leading to a dilution of quality and facts so deep and profound that ultimately the entire web becomes questionable. What is it for? Does it enhance our life or does it merely keep us from living? And does it have a value to realize that for anything you do, no matter how clever and talanted you are, there is someone who already did it – and better so?

  19. Nice questions as an answer … and terribly sad questions 😦

    Maybe blogs keeps us from leaving in a real life … or maybe it just takeing us from this real world and bring us in the virtual world … who knows if in 50 years the virtual world won’t be more “real” than the phisical world ?

    And about knowing that someone else already did everything you might create … it was the same before the “internet” age 🙂

    Anyway … quite sad …

    • Ha – if you think that in fifty years the virtual world might be as real as our real world now – who says that this did not already happen? Like the goold old Edgar Allan Poe’s “Dream within a Dream”?

      Blogging “as a question awaiting an answer” I find quite enlightened. That is a good way to see it. There are too many nincompoops out there who can barely switch on their computer and yet believe they know the answers to the world’s deepest and most profound problems. The world famous author and anthropologist Kurt Vonnegut on the other hand labled thoughts as “flatulence of the brain”. Words, then, would be the equivalents of escaping winds… 😉

  20. To give meaning to their pathetic and lonely life. Its very much a sign of the times – it gives a false sense of power with zero risk. The real life equivalent of a blogger would be a person standing on the street and babbling about shit that happened. Sad thing is that a crowd of people would listen to him.

    • @faithfulldiagnostic: indeed. Like some of the maniacs at speaker’s corner in Hyde Park/London. There you can say what you wish, but most of the time hardly anyone listens, and if so, nobody takes you seriously. BUT . They speak instead of running through the streats with long knives of concealed explosives… that is something ;-).

    • You have to be on TV that your oppinions are considered whileworthy ?

      • Em – no. I can chance upon a blog and find a worthwhile opinion. But I am only one person. I can also have a conversation in a pub and encounter an opinion that I consider worthwhile. TV is a better multiplicator, but if you are a nobody in a trashy midday talkwhow that will not carry any weight either. If you publish in high scoring peer reviewed scientific journals you get recognition by your peers – but even Nobel laureates are not really getting through to the public (they all together issues several “warnings to the world”, all of which went largely unnoticed by the general public at large. It is a big game, and most of us are standing at the sidelines, at best getting the five minutes of glory sometime in their life.

  21. If you are lonely, why don’t you get off your asses and say hello to your neighbors? Why not invite them into your home for a cup of coffee and a chat? It’s so much easier to be online and not have to be yourselves; you can be whomever you want to be and make people believe you that way. No one in this world needs to be lonely; there are people all around you that need company as much as you do.
    Everyone wants to be a fake and a phony; everyone wants to be more than they are and they don’t realize that they are perfectly fine just the way they are, so they insist on fake identities and fake nonsense.
    What a world!
    Stop being so egocentric, think of other people before yourselves, and go out there and really communicate and make friends!
    You don’t need a computer or a “social space” to do that…All you need to do is to be yourself, and have an open mind to see who your neighbor is.

    • Yes, i quite like what you say. As a old-timmer that I am, i still think that the best is to really invite friends at a beer or make new friends. But the new internet generation maybe likes more the online beer, and online chat, and whatever 🙂 And who am I to say that the old way is better ?

  22. I very much agree with ZanZ and his point about not having to be yourselves when writing blogs. You all have great writing skills, thats a given! But use that diction to communicate with people who share the same interests in the ” real world” rather than the cyber one! Its perfectly fine to communicate through blogs every now and again, but if your not careful the internet becomes your ”real world”.

    On the other hand theres people like me that write blogs for a company! To help people, Kind of? Our company is not all business. It also provides blogs on grammer so that people who are interested in becoming a blog writer can expand there grammer and also correct it. Its really worth taking a look at as most mistakes i see in writing on websites and blogs are words that are used quite often in the English language.
    Don’t be shy 🙂

  23. I think Lara puts it wonderfully.
    Especially the bit about therapy. Whether people read it or not, the fact that it is available for others to read creates a sense that there is someone listening. So essentially, you have a counsellor (or many cousellors) without actually having to go through the arduous process of finding a good one, booking an appointment, paying etc. It’s like a step up from writing journals to relax yourself.

    For the person who thought talking about your week to strangers might seem kind of ‘sad’, I have that issue also. I always worry about how stupid my personal blog is since all I do is talk about myself on it. But think of it this way, everyone talks about themselves to other people. Isn’t that the core of communication? Do people even manage to have a conversation without ever mentioning themselves?

    Also, in reply to Zanz, I don’t see why you can’t keep a blog AND invite your neighbours for a cup of coffee and a chat. It’s not like it’s mutually exclusive where you can only have a friends in your ‘real life’ or friends on the internet. I love hanging out with my friends, doesn’t mean I don’t like writing a blog.

    Another point, you don’t need the internet to be fake, plenty of people are perfectly fake without writing blogs. And frankly, many people don’t realise they are fine just the way they are. And sometimes, why would they? What if they’ve been shunned all their lives? Or were bullied? Or pressured by parents to be a ‘model student’? In fact, everyone would have experienced hostility towards their personality/interests at some point. I don’t think it helps to have a fake personality either, but for many, they don’t realise they’re not being honest with themselves.
    And on that point, if you always just accept you are fine the way you are, that means you never strive to change, to better yourself. You get lazy, content, and never work on your flaws. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-doubt and insecurity.

    I think the people blog for many different reasons, from personal stress relieve or marketing their business. I also think people just enjoy writing. And with a blog, you don’t have to go through editors, publishers or agents to have what you write available to the world. You can connect to thousands of people from the comfort of your own home instead of having to buy plane tickets and book holidays.
    The way people have adapted to this blogging phenonmenon often boggles my mind, since I can see why people who don’t blog find it utterly incredulous. It’s like writing a letter and throwing it into the air to let the wind carry it away for some stranger to read. It’s ridiculous and wonderful at the same time.

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